Gitlab builds are showing the same default gravatar icon

I have two problems with Gitlab and Drone, the problem is probably Gitlab, but I’m trying to understand whether I did something wrong with the integration.

  1. I’m seeing the same generic Gravatar icon next to all builds which is hard to understand who pushed what.
    Looking at the api/repos/<team>/<project>/builds/<build> I see under author_avatar this entry:, this resolves to the Gravatar default icon unless suffixed with &d=identicon .

  2. The second problem is directly related to the first one - not only the right icon is not shown, the user which triggered this build has a different custom icon on Gitlab and not gravatar. Yet, I can’t see it.

  3. An important note - The user profile icon on Drone (top right hand corner) gets the right Gravatar icon (resolved) or the actual profile picture correctly.

Any idea whats going on here?

I have another drone running with Github, where users’ profile images are sent as expected and it works fluently…

Tech specs - Drone 0.8 running on AWS. Gitlab saas. Doing a migration from Gitlab CI to Drone.