GitHub release plugin configuration for github enterprise

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I am currently trying to get DroneCI running with our Github Enterprise server.

Just setting the base_url seems not to be sufficient, can anyone give me a hint on what the upload_url should look like?

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I am having the same issue trying to get the github_release plugin to work with our GHE instance.

It looks like the plugin is adding in a unnecessary “repos/” directory to the URL. Is there a way to configure the plugin to not add this extra “repos”?

Example error from github_release plugin:

Release v1.1.2 not found
msg="Failed to create the release."
http://my.github.server/repos/my_GHE_organization/my_package/releases: 422 []"
                        ^^^^ without this "repos/" the URL would work

Any suggestions?

When you provide base_url I believe it needs to be in the format of http://my.github.server/api/v3 for GHE

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That was it!!! Thanks Brad!

For anyone else, the upload_url for GHE should be