Github organization private repo & Github scope question


First a bit of context :

I just joined a company (as a Freelancer) which is setting up drone ATM. They have a Github Organization with private repositories. They invited me to join drone, but i noticed that drone wants access to my private repositories. This is complex situation because i have code source of other clients projects in my privates repository.

So my question is, will anyone have access to my private repository list if I accept to join the OAuth application ? And what’s the best way to handle that problem ?

Thanks a lot for your time !


This is quite a common problem with github generally (its IAM sucks) a lot of our devs create a new github account with the name of the company they are working for.

ie, nodefortytwo-dazn

Keeps everything isolated and easy to delete after your contract ends.

there is also a feature built-in to Drone Enterprise that helps limit repositories:

You could just create an AWS Lambda using a scheduled CloudWatch event that has access to the Drone Database to purge unwanted repos.