Github Organization move for Drone repositories

Hi everyone,

Here at Drone we are making some changes to where our code is going to live on github. Specifically we are moving some of our repositories from the to We have successfully trialled moving these 2 repositories:

This move is transparent for nearly all use cases, you will automatically be redirected if you try to go to the old drone repository web pages. Git also functions with the old repository URLs.

For more information about what happens when a repository is moved between organisations look here.

We plan to methodically move repositories one at a time, with drone-cli and drone server. This will happen over the coming days, with announcements in discourse before each of the moves. We will not be moving repositories that are golang libraries eg drone-go. As we plan to tackle them at a later stage, due to the implications with golang imports. There will be a separate process and communication for those.

We are not changing anything else. i.e. licensing / availability / features / docker hub namespace

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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