GitHub Integration Using Tokens

When adding a GitHub Integration , you can use a GitHub “Personal access token” instead of using your GitHub username/password. This article describes the procedure.


  • ZeroNorth platform license and credentials with admin privileges
  • A paid GitHub account

Obtain Your GitHub Token

The following steps assume that you do not yet have any tokens to use:

  1. From the GitHub landing page, navigate to Settings > Developer settings > Personal access tokens (or navigate directly to Sign in to GitHub · GitHub ).
  2. Click on Generate new token . Enter your credentials if prompted.
  3. In the subsequent screen, enter Token description and specify Scope as:
  • repo (all)
  • admin:repo_hook (all)
  • admin:org_hook
  • gist
  • user (all)

  1. Click on Generate token .

Your new token will be displayed in the Personal access tokens screen. Be sure to copy the token and keep it safely:

Using Your New Token in ZeroNorth

You can now use the token from the above step to add a new Integration :

  1. Go to zn ADM > Integrations > +Add Integration .
  2. Enter a Name and a Description .
  3. Select Initiate Scan From option appropriate for your need.
  4. Select Type “GitHub”.
  5. Select the Hosting Option appropriate for your situation.
  6. Enter your new token into the Authentication Token field.
  7. Click on Create Integration .

Your GitHub Integration is now ready for use.