GitHub Deployments & Drone 1.0

It looks like Drone 1.0 is no longer being triggered by GH deployments? First, it added the webhook to GH without the option to receive deployment events, and drone doesn’t give me the option to enable that event. If I manually add it to the hook on the GH side, Drone still ignores it.

Public example with cloud drone:

Delivered payload from GH:

Is it something that isn’t implemented yet? Or will it not be available in Drone 1.0? Or am I doing something wrong? :smiley:


ah good catch, I had not added deployment events to 1.0 (slipped my mind because they are GitHub-only). I have re-added them to our package that abstracts source control providers [1] and added some preliminary logic to try and identify branch vs tag and set the ref accordingly [2]. I will try and see if this can be included in the next 1.0 release candidate.


@bradrydzewski that’s awesome, thank you very much for the quick fix!

Hi there,

we’re also using this and are happy to hear that drone 1 will support this! <3
(Tried to inquire about this here: Drone 1.0.0-rc5 - deployment builds )

How can we use this? I think a new drone v1 image/tag will have to be made/released correct?

Many thanks in advance,