GitHub Deployment Environment URL

As you know, Drone supports GitHub Deployments through the Promote event. It would be great to be able to tell GitHub the URL for the deployment.

I see that the GitHub SCM driver supports sending that information already:

However, the server does not send that info to the driver:

I guess that the main issue is how to tell Drone what is the URL of the deployment. One way would be to add it as a configuration in the pipeline yml file but that would be rigid and would prevent dynamic and transient environments such as review environments for a PR.

Another option would be to somehow let Drone know after a pipeline is done through a command or environment variable set up by the pipeline steps.

Yet another option would be to let the user set a custom status by not having Drone set up the status automatically. That would be more convoluted, though, requiring the user to set up an intermediate Deployment hook. Or setting up the status twice, once automatically and once after the pipeline runs using a custom step.

Curious to hear your thoughts.