GitHub - Add Integration

Suggested Reading: What is an Integration?

A GitHub Integration to an organization’s private account obtains an oAuth token based on the supplied credentials, which are stored securely. ZeroNorth utilizes this access to discover repositories in that account and to clone code for scanning.

Below are steps for creating a GitHub Integration

  1. Go to zn ADM > Integrations > +Add Integration . Enter a Name and a Description , and then select GitHub as the Type . For Initiate Scan From , the valid values are:
  • ZeroNorth Platform - the scan will be performed within the ZeroNorth SaaS platform.
  • Customer’s Environment - the scan will be performed within the customer’s environment (a.k.a. “onprem”).
  • Manual Issue Upload - the Policies using the Targets under this Integration will be used for manually upload issues results files.

  1. The Platform presents the following login screen to GitHub:


Enter your GitHub Personal Access Token .

  1. Click on Create Integration and you will be redirected to the list of available Integrations where you can see your new Integration: