Git tag in drone build


I’m having troubles with using a git tag in my makefile powered build in drone.
I use ‘git describe --abbrev=4 --dirty --always --tags’ to store a GIT_VERSION in a header file.
In my code I use this GIT_VERSION to identify my software.
When I tag my version in git and build this locally I get a nice versioned output: v0.1.0
However, when drone builds this exact same version, it uses the git hash. As if there were no tags for this hash.
Is there any special behaviour around git tags in drone that I am not aware of?

see: Cloning | Drone - the default clone doesn’t fetch the tags

Ah, thnx!
I missed that and was misguided by the prints in the clone step:

Initialized empty Git repository in /drone/src/.git/
+ git fetch origin +refs/tags/v0.1.2:
 * tag               v0.1.2     -> FETCH_HEAD