GIT_AUTHOR_* leak out side clone step in Drone Runner Kubernetes


This is my first time on Drone Discourse. My friends and I use Drone in our daily works. We use appleboy/drone-git-push to commit change and push to another repository to create PR. We set commit author and email via configuration mentioned in But it’s got override by build commit author and email. After digging for a while, we found that Drone Runner Kubernetes always set GIT_AUTHOR_NAME and GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL into every step (reference to this code This environment variables make drone-git-push not work as expected because git command treat this variables as a first priority.

I solved it by move clone env configure to set only create clone step. But I want to know how do you solve guys this issue?

I can open PR on drone-runner-kube if my solution is the right thing to do.

the plugin should be changed to use different variable names, not the runner.

I think it doesn’t work because git command use GIT_AUTHOR_* as a first priority except they are unset all GIT_AUTHOR_*.