Getting Terraform to use modules from other private git repos

Problem Statement:

While using the terraform integration with Harness, users may run into a situation where multiple modules written for terraform are stored in different repositories.

This option might open up possibilities where different modules written by different groups inside an organization can use utilized within a terraform plan/apply application.

Reported Behavior/ Conflict:

Without any modification to your Harness execution, you may encounter a problem in the deployment. One common error reported is shown below:

INFO   2023-03-07 13:44:29    Error: Failed to download module
INFO   2023-03-07 13:44:29   
INFO   2023-03-07 13:44:29    Could not download module "example_module" ( source code from

Terraform itself provides a solution which integrates well into the Harness implementation. This solution is explained in great detail using the source field for a module in this document: