Getting sso is not enabled for your account while trying to login via sso while sso is lreday enabled on account level

While trying to login via sso when sso is enabled on account level you might get below error while trying to login :

Single sign-on is not enabled for your account

This is mostly because your user is part of multiple account(personal account, sandbox etc) and one of those account is set as Default Account and there is no sso enabled for that account.

How to Get this working:

  1. Use username/password login in harness login page(Use Forgot password option if you don’t remember the password)
  2. Once logged in(ideally it should take you to you default account), on the top right corner click on your account name and click on switch account

Similarly for Harness NG

  1. Then select your prod account and make it as default account
  2. It should redirect you to sso provider and ask you to login and you should be good
  3. Logout and try login using sso