Get rid of pending status

I’m playing with drone, i’ve a lot of ci pendings associated with commits that don’t want to be deleted. How to get rid of them?

I’m using drone 0.8.1

What happens if i restart build manually? As documentation says new build will be created, thats sound logical. But new build will not be associated with git commit, right? So my pull request wont be successful, or may be i miss something… Should i ever use restart button then?

I can’t cancel running builds. They are in build status for 10 hours, i canceled them but don’t change status to canceled. How to solve this? I tried to reload drone server but this didn’t help

I don’t think there is a way to do this though UI/API/CLI in Drone.

You can update the status directly from the DB.

You can figure out the ID directly for each build you want to update and run something like (following is pseudocode:

update builds set build_status = 'failure' where build_status = 'pending' and build_id = <ID>;

What I do is wait until there isn’t much activity and just run the following SQL query “globally”:

update builds set build_status = 'failure' where build_status = 'pending';