GCS plugin not loading anything [solved]


I am trying to use https://github.com/wyattjoh/drone-gcs plugin, with the following config:

    image: wyattjoh/drone-gcs
    acl: public
    bucket: app-static
    source: app/static/**
    strip_prefix: app/
    target: /
      - source: static_creds

the source exist (I used ls app/static in the step before and there are matching files. All I get in the build though is:

time="2018-03-06T23:17:14Z" level=info msg="Attempting to upload" bucket=app-testing 

and successfully finishes, but nothing get ever load into the bucket. Lack of debugging in this plugin make it quite hard to find out what is wrong. Any ideas? Thanks

I am sorry, it was wrong globbing pattern. Using app/static/**/** worked.