Fresh install of new drone chart

After logging in with gitea, Drone returns the error: attempt to write a readonly database.
I have checked that the bound PersistentVolume is RWO. I assume drone is using an embedded SQLite database. Any ideas on how to get this install working?

Thank you.

My config for the helm chart is below:
Installed version is 0.1.3

new k8s.helm.Chart('drone', {
  metadata: { namespace: 'drone' },
  spec: {
    chart: 'drone/drone',
    repo: '',
    targetNamespace: 'drone',
    valuesContent: y`
        ## REQUIRED: Set the user-visible Drone hostname, sans protocol.
        ## Ref:
        DRONE_SERVER_HOST: ${droneDomain}
        ## The protocol to pair with the value in DRONE_SERVER_HOST (http or https).
        ## Ref:
        DRONE_SERVER_PROTO: https
        ## REQUIRED: Set the secret secret token that the Drone server and its Runners will use
        ## to authenticate. This is commented out in order to leave you the ability to set the
        ## key via a separately provisioned secret (see existingSecretName above).
        ## Ref:
        DRONE_RPC_SECRET: ${secret}
        DRONE_GITEA_CLIENT_ID: ${cfg.gitea_oauth.client_id}
        DRONE_GITEA_CLIENT_SECRET: ${cfg.gitea_oauth.client_secret}
        DRONE_GITEA_SERVER: https://git.${cfg.main_domain}

That’s funny. Just as I post this, a restart of the pod fixes things. Perhaps that issue can go into the health checks so that the orchestrator will restart the server when it decides it can’t read the database.