Frequent 404 when using Drone UI

I’m using self-hosted Drone 1.2 on Kubernetes 1.14, connected to Drone was installed using the Helm chart. Drone frequently produces “404 record not found” errors when browsing the web UI - refreshing the page 1 or more times fixes the problem and I can view the resource.

This happens on both new and existing resources.

An example request:

GET https://drone.domain.tld/api/repos/myorg/myrepo 404:
{"message":"Not Found"}

Refreshing the page sends exactly the same request but this time it succeeds. I find this happens somewhere between 30%-50% of the time when browsing the UI - there doesn’t seem to be any pattern as to when or which pages are affected.

So far I’ve observed it loading repositories, looking at a build, and looking at specific build steps.

There are no errors in the Drone server pod’s logs. What’s the next step to troubleshoot?