Force clone step to run container in host network mode (mtu issues)

Our network has the MTU of 1400 and that brought me a world of pain in the last two days, mostly because it is not possible to pass the MTU value for containers in pipeline (even though Docker supports that).

So my only solution for running Drone was to use a host network mode. But, the clone does not respect that setting and still brings up the bridge type of network and attaches the container to it:

igor@cicdsrv001:~$ docker network ls
NETWORK ID          NAME                         DRIVER              SCOPE
c2aa64156454        bridge                       bridge              local
4a178336e423        drone-OH6WFiJzHuLEn0dGW3fr   bridge              local
311cce8c091c        host                         host                local
2776306a61b9        none                         null                local

Is there a workaround for this (aside from skipping this step and creating my own)? Can I somehow force the clone step to use the host network mode? Or is it possible to pass the MTU value in pipeline to have properly configured bridge networks?