Forbidden Error in Drone Cloud

By the way awesome service guys, Drone Cloud/CI is a heavensent for most FOSS projects. Config is simple and straightforward and easy to get into.

Though, I have a problem. I work Coder Technologies (we made code-server, the Visual Studio Code Cloud IDE) and we successfully ported our node packager, nbin to Drone CI with great results.

We wanted to bring this to code-server as well but I got this error instead.


It would be nice if we can get some insight why this happened. It doesn’t tell us if its a HTTP 403 or something else

Build log

If you would like more information about why something failed, you will need to modify your build commands to provide more verbose output. Drone runs your pipeline commands inside Docker containers. It does not have any special insight into what is running inside your container, or why something fails, other than what is available via docker logs.

We figured out now, @ashwilliams1, thanks for helping.

turns out when we were accessing GCS it 404ed but it didn’t provide enough context. Not sure what happened there.