For 1.0 RC3, how to setup GCR creds for private plugin pull

I have searched discourse and also drone slack channel can’t find the answer. Drone 1.0 doc simply says " If the image is private you will need to configure registry credentials." but no details.

In drone 0.8, there was a drone registry command to manage that. In Drone 1.0, there is no drone registry command.

Drone server is running on a VM (but I also want to do this when I run it on GKE with Kubernetes run time). Hopefully, there is a way to solve this for both use-cases.

Thanks for any speedy help.

There is a thread available here that describes how to add registry credentials: Pulling Private Images with 1.0

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In first option, I am assuming we need to create the secret .dockerconfigjson for each repository using e.g. drone secret add --repository … command?

I suppose Option 2 can be used to solve this globally?