Filter the repo list downloaded from git server by project name?


Is there any way to filter the the list of repositories that are being fetched from the server? In our case from BitBucket server but I guess it could be a general setting.

Our BitBucket server has thousands of repositories and when I open Drone (I assume) it downloads all the info to the web client. When I’m working remotely over a VPN it takes ages - the top bar keeps rolling and rolling often for a minute or more. I’m only interested in the activated repositories or occasionally in the repos from our BitBucket project. That’s like 20 or 30 repos, out of the thousands that are on our BitBucket server.

Is there any way to specify the projects I want do download and display and don’t bother with anything else?

Something like DRONE_STASH_REPOS=PRJ1,PRJ2 perhaps?