[Feature] Support cloning with Git LFS

I’m at a loss to build and publish a docker image with Drone.
Drone doesn’t support Git LFS, right?
So tarball, is based on the image and managed with Git LFS, is not cloned.

I think is a good idea that extend Git plugin to support Git LFS.
Please let your opinions. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is possible to customize cloning using plugins [1]. In this case, I would recommend creating a custom plugin that supports git LFS. You can create plugins using pretty much any language, including bash [2] and then publish your plugin to the plugin directory [3].

[1] http://docs.drone.io/cloning/
[2] http://docs.drone.io/creating-custom-plugins-bash/
[3] http://plugins.drone.io/

Thanks for your reply.
OK, I’ll try making the custom plugin.
If it goes well, I’ll share it.

I made a simple plugin based on drone-git:

It’s up on hub.docker.com too:


Usage, at the top of your .drone.yml file:

    image: envelopecity/drone-git-lfs
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