Feature request: Allow links to specific log lines

Take a Drone CI log (like http://dotty-ci.epfl.ch/lampepfl/dotty/475/1). I often want to send a link to some specific line (or range) to somebody else (because that line shows the root cause of a failure), but it seems this is not supported.

With Travis, I get a link by just clicking a line number (and possibly shift-click on the end-line — the GUI appears similar to GitHub). See for instance https://travis-ci.org/inc-lc/ilc-agda#L187-L192 for the result. But on that Drone log, I can’t get such a link with Chrome/Safari. I even tried adding by hand #L600 to the URL, that is http://dotty-ci.epfl.ch/lampepfl/dotty/475/1#L600, but that doesn’t work.

So, if the feature is indeed missing, might I suggest adding it?


There is an open issue you can star for updates https://github.com/drone/drone-ui/issues/78

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