Feature - long account/repo names on sidebar

On the side bar when you have a long “account” (or whatever it’s called) name (I’m using Bitbucket Cloud) the actual repo name is hidden on the sidebar.

Drone 0.8.rc4

So it looks like:



I’m guessing the account and repo name are separate in the code so I am guessing changing this isn’t overly difficult.

Maybe a 2 line solution is simplest. I think grouping by account isn’t really necessary (at least not yet)

Should I create a ticket in drone-ui or is someone thinking about this?

Sure, you can open an issue at drone/drone-ui for tracking purposes. Please note that I am not currently planning any changes to the user interface until we have adequate sponsorship to finance a proper designer to tackle many of these UI and UX issues.


Does that mean you’d accept PR’s from the community in the interim? Or is your preference stability until you have someone dedicated ?

I prefer stability until we have a dedicated designer in place to review structural and visual changes. I would, however, accept a css-only pull request that allows the full name to cleanly wrap to the next line, if necessary. Something like this might work:

min-width: 0;
white-space: pre-wrap;
word-wrap: break-word;

I might have time to take a peek over the xmas break.

Link back to ticket: https://github.com/drone/drone-ui/issues/189