Fallback to .drone.yml if YAML_ENDPOINT is not available


We are developing a piece called config-manager to inject .drone.yml on the fly based on different repo events (inspired by Inject .drone.yml on the fly).

The service will create the .drone.yml based on another YML and a template file to be scheduled and executed by a runner.

As we have seen on documentation (https://docs.drone.io/extensions/configuration/), if the DRONE_YAML_ENDPOINT answers with a 204 - No content, it will try to find .drone.yml on repository.

The behaviour above is perfect, but we are worried about the criticality of this new piece - config-manager if it becomes unavailable, so:

  • If the new servcie is not available (return code 500, timeout or something unexpected), what will the drone-server do?

  • Is there someway to say to the server to fallback to the configuration file if the config-manager is unavailable?