Fails to connect on intial build with digitalocean runner

I am executing the digitalocean runner with an ubuntu image built by Packer. The image is 4GB, which isn’t super big.

I often see an intial failure to connect to the droplet provisioned for my build. The pipeline aborts. It is always around 38-40 seconds, which is interesting. See this screenshot:

If I rebuild this same commit, the pipeline executes fine. It’s only the initial push that yields this error.

I have only seen this with custom images built with Packer. My images are not doing anything special: just installing a lot of system dependencies with apt-get and cloning our repo.

This seems to happen more often when I am launching “c” class droplets, the high CPU class size, e.g. “c-4” and “c-8”.

There actually is a pull request that would likely address this issue.