Facing issue in publishing artifacts to github releases

Followed link http://plugins.drone.io/drone-plugins/drone-github-release/ to publish artifacts to github releases through drone.

Error Facing in publishing artifacts:

2 time=“2019-04-14T08:05:50Z” level=fatal msg=“Failed to create the release. Failed to retrieve or create a release: Failed to create release: POST https://api.github.com/repos/ossdev07/flow-sample/releases: 401 Bad credentials []”

Please find below steps in drone.yml which i have used to publish artifacts to release:

  • name: publish
    image: plugins/github-release
    api_key: 983273049cf924e758e0c251bfdbc7aa6080ba9f
    - ./bin/flow-linux-arm64.zip

Using api_key in settings to publish but still facing bad credentials issue.

Please help me on solving this issue to publish artifacts.

Thanks in advance.