Experiencing tcp dial timeout error when authenticating with gogs

I’ve just setup Gogs and Drone on the same droplet, and everything is fine except when I try to login to Drone. I use my Gogs credentials, and after a while a tcp dial i/o timeout error appears in the drone logs:

time="2016-11-25T06:54:22Z" level=error msg="cannot authenticate user. Get https://site.tld/api/v1/users/user/tokens: dial tcp <ip_address>:443: i/o timeout"

I’ve redacted some of the information for security purposes.

All I’ve done is follow the installation instructions so I’m not sure why this is happening. It’s not a DNS issue since the correct IP address appears in the error. Any ideas?

Using Drone Docker image 0.4

Is inter-container communication disabled?

This is a low-level TCP error so I’m not sure how much help I can provide here, since TCP is handled by the Go standard library. I am running drone+gogs both in containers and do not have any issues, which leads me to believe this is probably related to a host-machine or global docker setting.

Thanks @bradrydzewski - I hade to run ufw allow https for some reason, even though all of the containers involved were already reachable via https externally.

Unfortunately now I’m getting a different error: pq: syntax error at or near ")" - I’ve tracked it back to this issue #1649 which was to do with Gogs having no repos.

Indeed, since I’ve jsut set everything up Gogs has no repos, and if I remove the drone container, add a repo to Gogs, and re-init the drone container the error goes away.

Would you like me to create a new issue, or necro the older issue which was marked closed?