Executing Multiple-pipelines in same machine concurrently, pipelines exec aren't isolated

When running multiple-pipeline concurrently in the same machine they refer to the container (of the same name) of the first running pipeline. So does this mean if they are running in the same machine they are not isolated?

nope, pipelines are completely isolated from other pipelines running on the same machine.

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@bradrydzewski Thank you very much for you quick response.

Can you explain to more a bit more in “how they are isolated” or point me to place to where i can read more in depth on this. It will help me a lot with debugging the issue i am facing.

my answer assumes you are using docker pipelines, and docker pipelines are fully isolated. However, after re-reading the title of this thread, it leads me to believe you may be using exec pipelines. Is this correct?

Per the documentation:

An exec pipeline is a pipeline that executes shell commands directly on the host machine without isolation. This is useful for workloads that need to run on the host, or are poorly suited for execution inside containers.

If you want isolation you should use Docker or Kubernetes pipelines, which execute pipeline steps inside containers.

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Sorry that was bad choice of the word “Execute”.

Indeed I am using docker Agents. But the issue was on my side. I forget to change the project config file which lead to the pipelines connecting to the same remote database.

Thank you very much for your help.