Exec pipeline build killed at 59:50

One of builds in the exec pipeline got killed at 59:50:

The .drone.yml file is at:

  1. Why did it get killed?
  2. Is it possible to force trigger a re-build without having to push a commit to trigger the same?

Every repository is configured, by default, to have a 60 minute timeout. This timeout can only be increased by a Drone administrator [1] by navigating to the repository settings screen in the Drone user interface and changing the timeout duration.

[1] https://docs.drone.io/server/user/admin/

I am new to Drone. Can you please let me know as to where I can find the repository settings screen in the Drone user interface? We are using a cloud hosted free version, I believe. Thanks for your prompt reply!

there is a settings tab on the repository screen (see below screenshot) however only a system admin can see / change the repository timeout on the settings screen. If you are using Cloud, you are not a system admin and would not have the ability to increase the pipeline timeout. If you require > 60 minutes for your pipelines you would need to self-host Drone on your own infrastructure.