`exec` and `docker` pipeline


I have this example pipeline and it seems that the email notification doesn’t go out, because it just runs the second pipeline not taking the status of the above pipeline.

I have to run the exec pipeline, (in this case using kind to install tekton) then run the email (docker) notification.

Is there a way to pass from one pipeline to another? Or is there a better way to get email notifications?

not sure if this answers your question, but I think you could modify the yaml as shown below to achieve the behavior you desire …

First, we use the depends_on attribute to define the pipeline ordering. By default, pipelines execute in parallel, however, the depends_on value can be used to define an execution graph.

Next, we use the trigger section to ensure the notification pipeline is only executed when the build is in a failing state. If the first pipeline fails, the overall build state would be failing, and the notification pipeline would execute.

Note that there are two statuses – the status of the overall build (all pipelines) and the status of the currently executing pipeline. I am not sure which status the email plugin will use (this is a third party plugin, so it depends on what the author chose) but you can likely customize the email subject and message to communicate that the build failed.

kind: pipeline
type: exec
name: default

steps: ...

kind: pipeline
type: docker
name: notification

  - name: notify
    image: drillster/drone-email
    settings: ...

+  status:
+  - failure

+  - default

Awesome, this is exactly what I was trying to figure out.