Events in the 'Events Chart' show several hours off

Problem Description:

In the Event Chart in the Dashboard all graphs are shown by several hours off or do not show at all when filtering by specific event or new implementation.


  • On-Premise: Backend: All Versions using Mysql and Server running on a Timezone (not UTC)


  1. Navigate to the Takipi-server ‘shared’ folder, by default at:


  1. Create a new config file called
  2. Specify the exact timezone of your server as shown in the example below:
  3. Do NOT use 3 letter abbreviations!




For a list of available codes see here


Issue is caused when server is running in timezones which have duplicate codes.


The JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) application reads the time zone as ‘India Standard Time’ and sends the information to MySql instance, which in its turn reads the timestamp as ‘Israel Standard Time’

The difference between those timestamps is are causing the data to be written by several hours off based on the differences above.