Event tagging behaviour


using drone 1.0 RC5 and Gogs on x86 as Container in Kubernetes.

I started playing with using tags in the pipeline. I tried several things to get it work and in the begining it was looking good. But after a few pipeline runs I recognize, that every push scrolls up the pipeline well. But every change on the pipeline, e.g. chaning names or adding more steps was’n recognize by drone anymore.

`kind: pipeline
name: testing


  • name: pytest
    image: alpine-python

    • python2 -m compileall app/*.py
    • python2 -m compileall app/libs/*.py
    • python2 -m pytest -v app/test/test.py
    • py.test --cov-report term-missing --cov=libs app/test/test.py
  • name: building
    image: plugins/docker
    registry: “docker-registry.company.com
    from_secret: docker_username
    from_secret: docker_password
    repo: “docker-registry.company.com/dudu/ibps/extnodes
    tag: ${DRONE_TAG}
    event: tag`

I made some change in the code and: git commit -am “testing dockerfile”; git push
The step “pytest” is created … as expected.
Now: git tag v1.0.0-alpha-12; git push --tags … and both parts are executed. But the plugin is somehow not working und complains about “invalid argument “” for “-t, --tag” flag: invalid reference format” because -t was empty.

So I played a little bit more and just added this as a step in the .drone.yaml to figure out the problem:
`- name: checking
image: alpine

  • echo ${DRONE_TAG}
    event: tag`

When i created another commit/tag. drone was executing the pipeline with the correct git version but he was just ignoring the new pipeline step at all.
I had to reinstall the whole drone server, so that he finally saw the new step in the pipeline and was able to execute it.

Did I missed anything? Or did something wrong?