Error setting commit status for

The “pending” status is successfully set in Github, but when my build succeeds, Drone doesn’t register the success status, instead throws an error in the logs “error setting commit status for”

Drone 0.7.3, DRONE_HOST is set.

Anyone seen similar?

What is weird is that “error” states are updated successfully to Github.

The only known cause for this error is an incorrect DRONE_HOST value. We frequently see people set this value incorrectly, and then get this error. Please provide the exact DRONE_HOST value you are using, and we can advise further.

Thanks for quick response. It’s

  • yes, cloud is the tld :slight_smile: It’s a test domain.
  • without http
  • I tried with just the IP address, that also shows the same symptom
  • The Github Status API correctly links to the Drone build

The correct format is DRONE_HOST=<proto>://<host>. So for example DRONE_HOST=

Bingo. It works!