Error on clone: Repository not found

Our drone build started failing today returning this error.

Initialized empty Git repository in /drone/src/.git/
+ git fetch origin +refs/heads/master:
remote: Repository not found.

We had builds succeed yesterday and I can’t find any changes that would have caused this error. This is a private repository. Other builds in our organization are succeeding. Any ideas on what could cause this error or ways to troubleshoot?

off the top of my head, could be a github outage (they had one today) or perhaps the user account that is linked to this repository (and activated this repository) had their access revoked or revoked Drones access to their account … if the user account associated with this repository no longer has access, the authenticated clone will fail with Repository Not Found.

Hey Brad, that put us on the correct trail.

The team member who activated the repository had been off-boarded. We disabled the repository and then re-eneabled it, and now its running!

Thank you!

Great, glad to hear you got it working. Also heads up that when off-board a user, if you delete the user from Drone as part of your off-board process, Drone will attempt to automatically re-assign the user’s repositories to avoid disruption.

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