Error Creating Harness Infrastructure definition using terraform resource provider

While using terraform provider for creating infrastructure definition that uses deployment template we receive below error:

│ Error: Deployment Type With Given Id Does Not Exist
│   with harness_infrastructure_definition.custom2,
│   on line 85, in resource "harness_infrastructure_definition" "custom2":
│   85: resource "harness_infrastructure_definition" "custom2" {

Even when the corresponding deployment template exist. An example resource definition is below:

resource "harness_infrastructure_definition" "customdef" {
  name                    = "custom-infra"
  app_id                  = "<appID>"
  env_id                  = "<envId>"
  cloud_provider_type     = "CUSTOM"
  deployment_type         = "CUSTOM"
  deployment_template_uri = "myfolder/testfolder/templatefolder/templateforinfra"

  custom {
    deployment_type_template_version = "Latest"
    variable {
      name  = "url"
      value = "localhost:8081"

    variable {
      name  = "file_name"
      value = "instances.json"

The issue here is the value for the resource configuration are case sensitive. In the example resource definition above the version being accessed is “Latest” however it should be all small case “latest”.
This will be able to locate the corresponding version of deployment template and create the infrastructure definition accordingly.