Error activating repository

I have installed drone using docker-compose according to the Getting Started instructions (

Both services start up properly, and I am able to log in to bitbucket and link my account.

Going to “account”, I see all repositories for my organization listed correctly, but trying to activate one always results in the error
"Error activating /"

app.js:1475 POST http://localhost/api/repos// 500 (Internal Server Error)
d.end @ app.js:1475
(anonymous) @ app.js:138
l.emit @ app.js:591
value @ app.js:1767
executeOnChange @ app.js:851
o @ app.js:2842
r @ app.js:855
i @ app.js:833
u @ app.js:835
f @ app.js:431
d @ app.js:431
n @ app.js:1391
processEventQueue @ app.js:443
r @ app.js:2939
handleTopLevel @ app.js:2940
a @ app.js:2947
perform @ app.js:461
batchedUpdates @ app.js:2935
a @ app.js:174
dispatchEvent @ app.js:2954
app.js:138 Error: Internal Server Error
at d. (app.js:1440)
at d.r.emit (app.js:3171)
at XMLHttpRequest.n.onreadystatechange (app.js:1470)
(anonymous) @ app.js:138
d.callback @ app.js:1464
(anonymous) @ app.js:1441
r.emit @ app.js:3171
n.onreadystatechange @ app.js:1470