Error Activating Repository via API

I ran into this issue and I’m not totally even sure Drone has a fix for it.

I have an organization on GitHub and I want to automatically activate any repo that is created in that org in drone. To this I tried to setup a webhook on the org where it would send the repo that is created to an endpoint which would trigger an api POST request to


The problem is that it doesn’t seem to be working. No idea why… When I try to send the POST request via CURL with my Auth Token, I get this response:

{"message":"Not Found"}

It seems as if drone is not detecting my newly created repo and the only way to have it detect it is by clicking the Sync button in the UI or doing a sync via the CLI. Is there anyway I can get around this and have drone detect newly created repos?

If the repository is not found, you can execute the sync endpoint

POST /api/user/repos

Thanks! I couldn’t find the sync documentation

I don’t see it listed anywhere here: