Error 403 when using drone api nodejs

I’m a fresher, I’m trying Drone API on my project, but when I access the api I get 403 error, here is my code

import * as drone from 'drone-node';
async deploy():Promise<T> {
    const client = new drone.Client({
      url: environment.droneUrl,
      token: environment.droneToken,
    const result = client.getUsers();
    return await result.then((res)=>{ return res }).catch((error) => {return error});

This is my result:

 "message": "Request failed with status code 403",

Please help me to solve the problem, thanks

The two most likely culprits here are

Is the token right? run this code and it should confirm…

client.getRepos().then((res) => {
}).catch((reason) => {

The endpoint you are trying to hit requires admin privileges on the account - User List | Drone - are you sure the account that you are using has admin privileges?