"Enter Your Secret Key" Message After Logging in to Dashboard

Problem Description:

When following an OverOps link I am presented with “Enter Your Secret Key” screen.

Environment :

SaaS: All versions
Hybrid: All versions
On-Premises: All versions


Not Authorized for this Environment

You are not authorized to access this environment as team member. Contact the administrator for this environment and ask him to add you as Team Member.

Caching issue

Validate that you can login to this environment via Chrome Incognito window mode.
If that is successful

  • Close all tabs
  • Clear your
    • Storage cache
    • Application cache
    • Cookies
    • Local and session storage
  • Restart the Browser and try again

Authentication via SSO / SAML

Follow the steps provided in “Caching issue”

If that does not resolve the issue contact your SSO / SAML team.