Enable Starlark on a Kubernetes cluster

I would like to enable Starlark scripting (which is a nice alternative to YAML configurations).
Unfortunately, I don’t have any access to the cluster but I can make some deployments with Helm and of course, Kubernetes.
My question is:
How can I push the Starlark plugin to enable Starlark config files on the Kubernetes cluster instead of YAML files?
Thank you,

The Starlark extension is a microservice that is distributed as a Docker image. You would deploy the Starlark extension microservice on your Kubernetes cluster [1] and then you would modify your Drone server configuration to use the extension by giving it the extension http address.

[1] https://github.com/drone/drone-convert-starlark#installation

Ok, thanks, I will try that.
My proposal: You have a nice feature with Starlark used for Infrastructure as Code that would be great to provide it with the drone install (without installing it as a plugin or only for newer versions).

very possible it could be embedded in the server in the future.

we usually try to add new features as extensions or plugins first. This way the code can evolve separately and at a faster pace than if it were part of Drone core. We can also gauge demand for the feature.