Empty secret when build for Pull Request

We have our Drone connected to our Gitea instance. Everything works great, except for one thing: when the build is triggered by a pull request, it fails because the secrets are not accessible during the build (Eg slack notifier would fail with Post : unsupported protocol scheme "").

When going to the secrets section of the repository, they are here but only tagged with “PUSH”, “TAG” and “DEPLOYMENT”, I’m not sure whether or not it’s related.

Any hints on how to have those pull-request builds succeed too?

EDIT: Forgot to mention, as the docs state that the secrets have to manually be exposed using drone-cli if the intent is to make them accessible for PRs. I guess the question is more “is there a way to do so using the web UI directly?”.


You might be running into http://docs.drone.io/manage-secrets/#pull-requests

@jmccann Yes, like I was saying. Hence my question, is there a way to configure pull-request secrets without drone-cli, just using drone’s web UI?

EDIT: Just so it’s clear: this problem is solved using drone-cli, the question shifted more to a “is it possible to do that via web UI?” thing.


I don’t believe specifying/changing events is possible via the UI at this time.

@jmccann Thanks for the clear reply!