Empower Repository Admins

We have two operations that we’d like the community to consider opening up to repo admins.

  • Repo admins are not allowed to perform the drone repo update build-count command.
    Currently we have users that would like the ability to update their repo build-count number. We were previously using 0.5 and their existing processes today are dependent on checking the build number to verify whether they should perform certain operations. This causes an issue when they migrate to 0.8 and their build counter now begins at 1.

  • Repo admins are also not allowed to perform the drone build kill command.
    We have several users who experience “zombie builds” and would like the ability to kill the build. This creates a roadblock for them if their build is doing something like deploying to a production environment and they have gated checks to make sure that they don’t have multiple builds running at once.

Would it be possible to open up either of these commands to repo admins?

We’d be willing to do the PRs for the work! /cc @jmccann

Yes, this sounds reasonable to me.