ECS tags not showing to select for AutoStopping rules

Intro to Autostopping

AutoStopping Rules make sure that your non-production resources run only when used, and never when idle. It also allows you to run your workloads on fully orchestrated spot instances without any worry of spot interruptions.

Creating a Autostopping rule for AWS ECS service

We have a brief documentation on how we can setup Autostopping rules for ECS service with just few steps and start saving cloud cost.

You can create a Autostopping rule for ECS in two ways :

  • ECS Service Name
  • ECS Service Tags

Coming to the problem statement

While creating a rule with ECS service tag you might encounter an issue and may notice that the ECS service tags are not showing up to create a Autostopping rule

Generally the problem occurs when you are missing permission to fetch tags. Adding the required IAM role should solve the problem.

"failed to get tagged resources from AWS: AccessDeniedException
tag:GetResources because no identity-based policy allows the tag:GetResources action\n\tstatus code: 400, request

That’s for all this article, Happy cost savings with Harness CCM :moneybag:

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