[Duplicate] Pipeline doesn't start until stopped and started again

I’ve deployed drone on a small arm64 vps (to run concurrency tests on an architecture with different memory guarantees). The vps has 2G of assigned ram: I followed the setup instructions for 1.0.0-rc3, and drone was picking up the builds when I pushed to GitHub, but no container was spawned and the ui looked like the following:

No relevant information was found in the logs (docker logs drone).
I managed to get this working by adding some swap space, but it may be helpful to surface this problem more clearly to the user. Should I file an issue?

Thanks for the great tool!

I do not think this has anything to do with memory, as Drone only requires 10mb ram to run, and starting a container requires minimal resources as well.

Instead, I can see that you enabled “Protected” mode in your repository settings without signing your yaml file. This causes the build to block pending manual approval. This thread describes your exact issue: [Solved] Pipeline doesn't start until stopped and started again