[duplicate] How to automate drone for different stacks in different repo

We have a requirement of triggering a set of drone pipelines when a specific pipeline is deployed (as this pipeline spins up a MSK cluster which would be required to the SSM parameters other pipelines using MSK to be updated).

I am creating ssm parameters in one repo(Name: Repo1) and using the same ssm parameter in another repo(Name : Repo2) using dynamic reference like this : ‘{{resolve:ssm:sample-msk-arn:1}}’.

Problem Description:
When i redeployed the Repo1 through drone those ssm parameters is updating in Repo1 but those were not reflecting in Repo2 in one stack. So how to automate drone to trigger all other repos to redeploy when Repo1 deployed to update those SSM Parameters.

Can someone please help me on this.

closing as duplicate of How to automate drone for different repos