Duplicate build (separate by 10s) for several repositories (not all)


We use drone 0.8.5 since several months & we have duplicates builds on specific repositories since several days.

The workflow to follow is:

  • Push a new commit by example (all events are impacted, it’s an example)
  • 1 Build launched on Drone (for this event)
  • 10s after, exactly the same build is launched

Debug logs:

time="2019-02-22T13:58:53Z" level=info ip=XXX latency=11.727064018s method=POST path="/hook" status=200 time="2019-02-22T13:58:53Z" user-agent="GitHub-Hookshot/XXX"
time="2019-02-22T13:58:57Z" level=debug msg="agent connected: XXX: polling"
time="2019-02-22T13:59:03Z" level=debug msg="pull queue item: XXX: remove from backup"
time="2019-02-22T13:59:03Z" level=debug msg="pull queue item: XXX: successfully removed from backup"
time="2019-02-22T13:59:03Z" level=info ip=XXX latency=11.540423798s method=POST path="/hook" status=200 time="2019-02-22T13:59:03Z" user-agent="GitHub-Hookshot/XXX"

On github webhook: Only one request in webhook history on github but with "We couldn’t deliver this payload: Service Timeout " issue. It’s propably related but I don’t understand the issue. Works for another repository in the same organization. Moreover, I try to remove this repository in drone & webhooks in github: same issue after reactivation.

There are another repositories that works without duplicate build in this same instance.

the logs you posted shows two hook deliveries.

Dear @bradrydzewski,

Indeed, but I think that this is due to the error in github webhook (so basically during the request to drone): "We couldn’t deliver this payload: Service Timeout " so github retry to deliver it.

The issue is that I have this issue only for specific repositories of an organization, not all repositories (and drone seems ok)…

Best regards,