Drone yaml parser apparantly chockes on too large yaml pipeline

I asked that this post be moved here, please see it for details about this bug and continue discussion here.

In short:

A starlak based pipeline is readily accepted by the drone cli binary (using drone starlark) and verified with drone lint, but upon submission to drone CI it crashes with a parsing error:

yaml: missing kind attribute

Making the pipeline smaller (reducing the amount of steps) makes it pass without issue.

Hi @fuero, can you send the yaml file?


Here you go:

77.26 KB

@fuero downloaded yaml looks unorganised. Can you send it to me the other way around?


@fuero in the meantime can you check this link too see if Drone CLI generates the Drone YAML from Starlark and then check in the resulting file.

Do let me know if you still see this issue.


Here’s the file generated by drone starlark --format

Hi @fuero I suggest submitting a bug here: Issues · harness/drone · GitHub along with the file you shared.


Again, as I mentioned this in the previous thread.

Opening an issue @ github.com yields this instruction:

Bugs or Issues? Please create a new topic in our Discourse forum.
We are migrating all Drone repositories to Discourse for bug tracking.
New GitHub issues may be automatically deleted.

Which is what I did. You are sending mixed messages here.

I’ve created a Github issue, as requested. I hope it doesn’t get deleted.

Hi @fuero generally, none of the GitHub issues gets deleted. Thanks for reporting the bug. We will look into it and get back to you.