Drone webhook timeout

If drone expects your drone file to be .drone.yml but it is actually drone.yml webhooks on GitHub will timeout. Even logs won’t tell you that it is just a typo therefore the user is lead to a false root problem.

Title is for Google to help other people finding the root cause faster.

over the years we (and our users) have observed that fetching files using the api can be eventually consistent, meaning it can sometimes take up to 60 seconds to fetch a yaml using the api, especially for larger codebases, and especially for pull requests. For this reason, if the api returns a 404 not found, drone performs a backoff to try and fetch the yaml for up to 90 seconds.

github webhooks timeout after 30 seconds. This means github may timeout before drone is able to determine wether or not the yaml file exists.

I understand the problematic here. This post is probably more than enough if someone has actual miss named his config.