Drone webapp is not responsive

On the desktop everything looks fine, but when I’m on a mobile device I can’t click any build since the webapp does not have a responsive menu.

See the following image.

See https://github.com/drone/drone-ui/issues/27 for more details. This will be fixed in drone 0.8 once we move from react-mdl to polymer.

With 0.8.1 it is even worse.
In 0.7 I could workaround project list issue with bookmarks. Now it is impossible to use.

Contributions welcome https://github.com/drone/drone-ui

I have checked the css and would be not difficult to add some mobile support as display: flex is already used.
Do you have a way to define mobile only css?
Probably project list hide/show button should be added to the menu.

Here are some samples with quick fix css:

Build history:


Any updates on the pull request?