Drone-vault Temporary Redirect error

My setup is pure docker container.

This is the error from drone agent.
I try to trace this one, it happened when drone agent request secret from vault server.
The error return from the client of drone-go package like the below link.

Part of log is
{“error”:“Temporary Redirect”,“kind”:“secret”,“level”:“trace”,“msg”:“secret: external: cannot get secret”,“name”:“gcr”,“time”:“2019-07-18T17:04:35+08:00”}

I don’t get it, any suggestion?

this tells me that something is trying to autoredirect the http request, e.g. from http to https. We disable auto-redirects because when an http POST is autoredirected it becomes a GET and therefore would fail anyway. My advice would therefore be to figure what is trying to redirect the http request (e.g. a reverse proxy, load balancer, etc) and to resolve the configuration.

Thanks for the advice, problem solved.
It’s the issue I set the wrong endpoint to the agent, should be drone/vault not vault.
The error occurs from that.